Black Opium Perfume for Women

Black Opium
  • Top Notes
    Perfume opens with the heady scent of red fruits, which are followed by floral notes of iris and jasmine. It’s fruity, deep and mysterious. Black Opium travel spray has a very rich fragrance.
  • Heart Notes
    Perfume is made up of spices and woods like cedar and sandalwood. YSL Black Opium tester scent profile is oriental, spicy, woody, with hints of vanilla, amber, and blackcurrant.
  • Base Notes
    Perfume is a mix of vanilla, amber, and blackcurrant. It’s a very rich and intoxicating scent, making it powerful and enchanting. This perfume Black Opium is quite strong.

The Best Feminine Scent

Black Opium is a scent from Yves Saint Laurent that has a dark, mysterious scent that is meant to embody the modern woman. It’s to represent the darkness of womanhood, and the darkness of the heart. Black Opium perfume is marketed as a "tantalizing fragrance" that is "seductive and addictive." It’s also used to add dimension to other products, such as beauty products, candles, soaps, and even clothing.

This fragrance is one of the most popular in the world. YSL Black Opium is a favorite of not just women, but also men. It’s an intense and sensual fragrance that is perfect for a night out. Fragrance is very strong and lasts for hours and hours. ysl Black Opium perfume has a lot of vanilla and patchouli, which are two of the most popular scents in the world.

Scent is supposed to be fresh and slightly aromatic. Black Opium perfume women are marketed as the " for the modern woman." This fragrance was created in 2012.

Best Choose for Women

It is marketed to be a scent that will win over the hearts of men. It’s also marketed for a woman to compliment her style. It’s marketed to be modern with a touch of the past. The marketing for Black Opium for women is geared towards a sophisticated woman who is looking for a perfume that will make her more desirable and powerful.

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Compact Travel Spray

Fragrance notes of this perfume are vanilla, coffee beans, tonka beans, and jasmine. Travel spray is marketed to be a nighttime fragrance. Black Opium tester bottle is a deep navy blue in color with gold accents. Bottle is a rectangular shape and is a large size. 

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For Who?

Perfume is specifically targeted towards women of all ages. Black Opium sample offers a blend of intense fruit and floral notes. This is the perfect fragrance for a woman who is looking for a bold, sensual fragrance.

I would recommend this fragrance to people who want a sweet scent and those who are not too sensitive to strong scent. Black Opium perfume sample is not strong enough to overwhelm people, but it’s not too weak to make a difference in a room. It does have a spicy smell to it, which is good. I think it smells like a mix of chocolate and a sweet spice.

To use a perfume sample, first, unscrew the cap and remove the foil seal. Next, shake the YSL Black Opium sample a few times to mix the scent. Next, remove the stopper and pour the perfume into your hand. Rub it on your wrist, neck, and other body parts where you want to apply scent. Then, use the stopper to seal the scent and place it in your purse or pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Black Opium?
    It’s a fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. It’s a unisex fragrance with top notes of fig leaves, bergamot, and white pepper. Middle notes are pepper, incense, and pink pepper. Base notes are labdanum, cedar, and amber.
  • What does Black Opium smell like?
    Smells like a blend of raspberry, currant, opoponax, vanilla orchid, and patchouli.
  • How do you use perfume?
    You can use perfume as a body fragrance, a scent, a room fragrance, a body mist, a hair fragrance, and a bath fragrance.
  • What does scent remind you of?
    It’s a new fragrance from the French luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent.

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